Boost Enterprise AppStore

First fully open source enterprise AppStore built on Swift


Is your corporation strict on acquiring new tools? Boost is not just free, it has been open sourced under an Apache 2.0 license to make the SW approval smooth as possible.
Let your CI create tags for each build describing the content or functionality of the build for easy identification by your testers or customers.
Easy CI integration
Integrate with just any CI that supports cURL or has it's own upload mechanism. Just send the app binary and let Boost do the rest.
Self hosted
We made it super easy for you to run your own instance of Boost locally or in the cloud. Heroku? Docker? Kubernetes? AWS? Not a problem.


As a Swift app, Boost will work on any Mac or Ubuntu based server either in the cloud or on your local network database.

You can run Boost in a Docker instance which is pretty much platform independent. Additionally you will need a PostgreSQL database the system can connect to.

Documentation Heroku Docker

Integrate with any CI

Boost can integrate with any CI through a very simple API

Using `cURL` for example you can send new builds to the appstore like this

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/octet-stream"
	-d "@/path/to/filename"

Basic installation using Docker

Firstly install docker, on a mac you can use Homebrew brew cask install docker on any other platform just follow these instructions.

Please note that Boost Docker image doesn't come with a PostgreSQL database so you need to have one at hand in order for the system to work. For more information oh how to install PostgreSQL please refer to the following page.

It is very easy to run Boost from a Docker on macOS. If you have your PostgreSQL database hosted locally you can run something like:

docker run \ 
	-e CONFIG_PATH=/etc/boost.config.json \ 
	-p 80:8080 \ 

Your Boost instance will be available on a port 80

Temporary instance with Docker Compose

After clonning `` just launch `> docker-compose build` to build the whole server infrastructure including the PostgreSQL database and a database admin panel.

macOS and Xcode

Running boost on macOS can't be any easier, either use the Docker approach or just pull the above repo, run `vapor xcode` on it and run the newly generated Xcode project.

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OnDemand & Enterprise

On demand service will be launched Q3 2018, Enterprise on-demand support plans will be available from autumn 2018. Custom Enterprise package available NOW!

For those who would like to get their own AppStore up and running, stress-free, in no time we have a few packages just to give you an idea.

Free tier
  • Ideal for individual developers or small businesses.
  • All features of the Enterprise account enabled.
  • Fair usage policy applies.
Coming Q3 2018
SME business
  • Perfect for small and medium enterprises.
  • 1Tb app space and fair amount of traffic
  • $$$/month
Coming Q4 2018
  • Support 24/7, Slack, Email, Phone, Skype, whatever works ...
  • Installations on-site, training provided.
  • Custom authentications and integrations by our dev team.